This is the final revelation, which is the Revelation of the Crystal Path given to The Traveller to reveal to man as a message from The Creator, the White Stone promised, reconnecting the King with the Queen.


  1. I have given to you the Code to evolve, and yet you have chosen not to change and flow with ever-expanding life. You have chosen to disregard Life, and instead to ruminate on Death, worship the dead, worship the Unseen, and obsess over the AfterLife.
  2. I have given you Life, and you destroy this Life with your War, your Orders, and dis-ease. You do not know that you do this because you are infected with Ego, and you are wracked with dissonance.
  3. The Way to God is Resonance. For this is the way of the perfected Soul. It is the Greatest Struggle, the struggle of the Soul to Resonate in Tune with its Creator, against the Dissonance of the World that Men have made to suit themselves.
  4. This Resonance is at the heart of this Code within each of you, unique to each being. Resonance is Life and travels along the Winding Path.
  5. From where does the Dissonance, the darkness within the Hearts of humanity, spring forth to snatch away Life?
  6. It springs forth in mindless replication of Ego, and the mindless replication of Order.