The Mayan Tzolkin is basically a 260 day calendar of permutations between the 13 Tones and 20 Tribes. Each day has a different meaning, using this 260 day time count. This calendar, together with the 13 Moon Calendar, provides a vast variety of meaning and permutations for divination, and finding out the meaning of one's birthday.

The Loom of Maya[]

The pattern found in the Tzolkin of the black squares is called the Loom of Maya. These days are known as days on which galactic activation portals or "portal days" happen. In the center of the Loom, there is a whole column in which no portal days happen. This is called the "Mystic Column", and in a way represents the YAXCHE or "Green Tree" which is equatable to the Sacred Tree of Life, in a way, the tree from which life springs forth into this world.

13 Mayan Tones[]

In the Mayan numbering system, 1 denoted by a dot, while 5 is denoted by a bar. There are 13 Tones (as there are also 13 moons) and each of the Tones has a different resonance, or meaning.

  • Magnetic
  • Lunar
  • Electric
  • Self Existing
  • Overtone
  • Rhythmic
  • Resonant
  • Galactic
  • Solar
  • Planetary
  • Spectral
  • Crystal
  • Cosmic

20 Mayan Tribes[]

Each of the 20 Tribes each has a Mayan name, an English translation, and a color representing a different grouping of Tribes. The colors rotate through the following scheme: Red, White, Blue, and then Yellow. The names of the Tribes here are all given in capital letters.

  • IMIX - (Red) Dragon
  • IK - (White) Wind
  • AKBAL - (Blue) Night
  • KAN - (Yellow) Seed
  • CHICCHAN - (Red) Serpent
  • CIMI - (White) World-Bridger
  • MANIK - (Blue) Hand
  • LAMAT - (Yellow) Star
  • MULUC - (Red) Moon
  • OC - (White) Dog
  • CHUEN - (Blue) Monkey
  • EB (Yellow) Human
  • BEN - (Red) Skywalker
  • IX - (White) Wizard
  • MEN - (Blue) Eagle
  • CIB - (Yellow) Warrior
  • CABAN - (Red) Earth
  • ETZNAB - (White) Mirror
  • CAUAC - (Blue) Storm
  • AHAU - (Yellow) Sun

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