The Torch is an Illuminati symbol representing the flame of illumination. It can be seen in a number of places and ideas. Whereas the flame within the vesica pisces of Houston represents the Will-power of the Individual, emanating outward, the flame of the Illuminati is a method of controlling information. The torch-bearer supposedly "lights the way for others" in the darkness. However, the truth is that the flame of the Illuminati represents the fire by which things are sacrificed to their Gods. The torch-bearer is not lighting the way, but carrying the torch that will set fire to the sacrifical altar.


Consider, first of all, the Titan, Prometheus, who first brought fire to humanity, by stealing it from the god Zeus. His fate was to be sacrificed every day, his liver being eaten by an eagle. Zeus was so angry that he sent Pandora in retaliation, of course, to curse humanity with demons and diseases.

So, why does the ice skating rink in Rockefeller Center have a statue of Prometheus, holding the eternal fire? (Which brings up a good point, there's also Atlas, around the corner, with his eternal torture to hold the sky on his back)

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