The Sacred Chao is the sacred symbol of the Erisian Movement, consisting in the yin-yang balance of the Pentagon (representing Order) and the Golden Apple of Discord (representing Chaos). It can be found on most covers of the Principia Discordia.

The Sacred Chao is said to be the key to illumination. It was devised by the Apostle Hung Mung in ancient China, it was modified and popularized by the Taoists and is sometimes called the Yin-Yang. However, the Sacred Chao is not a yin-yang symbol. It is the Hodge-Podge of the Erisians. And instead of the Podge spot on the Hodge side, it has a Pentagon, which symbolised the Aneristic Principle, and instead of a Hodge spot on the Podge side, it has the Golden Apple of Discordia to symbolise the Eristic Principle.


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