Synthesis, the third stage of the Hegelian Equation, is considered to be the means by which one controls a society. You create the society, you fashion the society's opposite, and you can guide the society where you want it to go by controlling both forces. You could also see this as the problem-reaction-solution control method of the Illuminati, which David Icke talks about in some of his books.

The EquationEdit

  • The thesis is an intellectual proposition.
  • The antithesis is simply the negation of the thesis, a reaction to the proposition.
  • The synthesis solves the conflict between the thesis and antithesis by reconciling their common truths, and forming a new proposition.

The Closed SystemEdit

However, such manipulation of synthesis, creates something that is synthetic, or man made. Most man made things are based upon the inefficient technology or idea of the closed system, which is not resonant with the regular systems of reality. Therefore, Hegel's synthesis is actually a closed system, which leads to the Entropy or return to natural chaos found in the last two stages of the equation that Hegel forgot to mention. Thus, by manipulating people in such a way as to make them complacent, you have actually damaged the framework of things like free will and creativity, which are necessary components of what makes a being resonant and live in equilibrium with their surroundings.

Fans of SynthesisEdit

The Skull and BonesEdit

The Yale chapter of the Skull and Bones Society has some direct correlation to Hegel, and their methods by which they think that the world can be controlled is based on the equation of synthesis.

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