Spiritual technology is any methodology that increases awareness of the Spirit or the metaphysical world. Any kind of magickal system that increases awareness of more and more information and abilities that the Spirit can use can be considered spiritual technology.

Most religions, which are full of dogma, are the the opposite of spiritual technology, because they decrease the awareness of everything, and limit one's beliefs to a small band of unchanging beliefs. Most religions actually start out as spiritual technology, until they are intercepted by people who can introduce interference and dissonance into the message and twist it for their own ends, to control people with the transmission of egotistical memes and dogma.

In short, spiritual technology tells us what we - our bodies, our minds, our hearts, and our Spirits - are capable of, instead of a list of 'thou shalt nots', outdated and fearful morals of offending some disconnected deity, or other invisible causes and reasons for not being a free, loving, and open-minded individual.

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