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The Skull and Bones Society is a secret society with an unhealthy obsession with war, death, and power. It could be seen as a society connected to the Illuminati. Their members are usually rich, white, and born into powerful families. Most of their members have become presidents or wealthy businessmen, due to the influence of the society, and the supposed "grooming" of the group as a whole. They are based in the United States in Yale University, which is in New Haven, Connecticut, at a place colloquially known as "The Tomb". Their connection to Hegel is to be noted, and the fact that they worship death means that they are simply sock puppets for the Qliphoth.



The "Order" was founded in 1832 by William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft. From the very beginning Skull and Bones encountered resentment from fellow students. The faculty sent warning letters to the parents of early initiates. Even amid this controversy the chapter persisted and flourished, and by 1884 two other senior secret societies at Yale had been formed: Scroll and Key, and Wolf's Head.[1].

Hegel and the Philosophy of SynthesisEdit

The Illuminist idea of synthesis is paramount to the ideals of the Bonesmen.

Modern DayEdit

Connection to NazismEdit

One tradition is that the Skull and Bones Society is linked to another such society that exists or existed in Germany, in which W. H. Russell had spent some time in before coming to Yale.

Connection to the CIAEdit

Many of the members of the Skulls have later become CIA operatives or in some cases, with the other George Bush, the head of the CIA.

The TombEdit

The headquarters of the infamous Skull and Bones Society is a windowless tomblike building near the campus of Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. Initiates are "tapped" or taken from the students at Yale.



Every year on a Thursday in May fifteen juniors are "tapped" — initiated - into next year's group.

Initiation RitualEdit

The alleged initiation ritual, according to some sources, is to lie naked in a coffin, with a ribbon tied around your genitalia, and recite your sexual experiences to the other members, possibly to give them knowledge and therefore power over your life. This kind of a initiation ritual of the "death and rebirth" of a member is typical of most secret societies. The word neophyte means "new birth".


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