The Element of Shadow is understood as the absence of Light (the Emanation of Spirit) on the far side of Matter (which is represented by the four Classic Elements). The symbol most commonly used for this Element is the crescent moon.

On the one hand this can be dismissed as simple shadows cast by matter, but on the other hand it can be understood as something that is essentially "denser" than solid matter. In the first case, the metaphor of shadow is one that the necessity to further describe matter is that Language arises. Thus, shadow or language is the "feedback" (consciousness) or the outermost expression of Spirit in Reality. In the second case, this is the creation of denser Matter, what we call black holes. Though, the real question is if Shadow becomes a state of Matter (black hole) or Element, then Light must also have substance.

Miriadic Elemental System


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The Two Forces:

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