The separation of Church and State is an idea that was supposedly one of the founding ideas of the United States of America, but is not explicitly expressed in its Constitution. Miriad sides with this idea, because a Nation should not be ruled by a Church, which does not change, which cannot adapt to the flow of life's many changes and evolutions, it should be ruled by intelligent people with open, creative minds, who are not bound by superstitious laws with invisible causes.

America as a Christian NationEdit

The argument that America is a Christian Nation, and should adopt Christianity as its State Religion is a flimsy one, at best. It is true that many settlers of America, and the people who helped to found it were Christians, but it was founded as a place where people could be free from religious persecution. However, a lot of the ideas, like Democracy, and representative government came from the highly Pagan Rome (which later co-opted Christianity in order to rule over more people, in itself, an excellent example of why seperation of church and state is so important). The founders of America also took a number of ideas (and later, lives and land) from the Native people of the land that they were settling, who were obviously not Christian (but were later forced to be). Overall, the idea was to create not a state religion, but a seperation of church and state so that people could practice whatever religion they wanted, or no religion at all, if they wish, without being forced to by the State.

Furthermore, if America itself was founded on Christian principles and values, why were so many people killed in its creation? Always remember the motto, Fish Cannot Carry Guns, which means that Christians, symbolised by the vesica pisces, or fish, should believe in peace, and the Law as passed down by Jesus Christ, (and later, Aliester Crowley) "Love thy neighbor". Or even one of the most important of the Ten Commandments, "Thou shalt not kill."

Freedom itself is not a fundamental Christian value, inasmuch as obedience to Authority actually is. This is actually what a number of the groups pushing for state sanctioned religion are looking for. Obedience.

Pride is a great part of the American experience, also. However, pride is also one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

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