A sect within Miriad refers to a specific and distinctive school of thought, and there are 9 specific sects or schools of thought in Miriad.

  • Alpha Triastran - This school of thought in Miriad encompasses everything extraterrestrial, extradimensional, and otherworldly. It deals in channelling, ufology, and sometimes Atlantis.
  • Andalusian - This school of thought deals in the expression of freedom of the self through various forms of art, including surrealism, dadaism, and the lowbrow art movements. It includes writers, poets, and artists of all types. It has nothing to do with the place called Andalusia but more with the name of the surrealist film "[Un Chien Andalou]". Calling this sect Surrealist is acceptable usage now.
  • Discordian - This school of thought in Miriad consists of those who know the power of creative chaos. It includes the Erisian Movement, the Subgenii, and other cultures that are aligned with the creative dieties of chaos.
  • Illuminates - This school of thought deals mainly in ceremonial forms of magick and "secret" magickal societies. It includes Thelema, and other endeavors of Aliester Crowley.
  • Infinitist - This school of thought concerns itself with the oneness all around us, the extension of life, and the unimpeded flow of energy.
  • Kaos Shaman - This school of thought encompassas all shamanic activity. This includes the usage of natural ritual mushrooms.
  • Nihilist - This school of thought is not involved in believing in Nothing, but studying the things that emanate from the Abyss, like ghosts, poltergeists, politicians, and Qliphoth.
  • Web Weaver - This school of thought is involved in reality hacking, and enhancing physical computer networks, and the Arachne myth.
  • Psychonaut - The explorers of the self and one's own mind is the subject of this particular school of thought.


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