The Flower of Life.

The concept of Sacred Geometry is basically the understanding of the geometries that make up the natural universe. It shows the underlying morphogenic structure of everything. Sacred Geometry can also be seen as the Language of Light, in a sense. In Sacred Geometry, one of the most important shapes is that of the Flower of Life.

Origins of Sacred GeometryEdit

The teachings of Sacred Geometry can be said to be attributed to Thoth, but the principles of Sacred Geometry certainly predate Thoth, as they were used in the Halls of Amenti to create the "blue flame". It is generally considered by those who practice and study sacred geometry that creation simply follows these fundamental shapes.

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Flower of Life ResearchEdit

Flower of Life Research [1] is the organization that facilitates sacred geometry workshops based on the MerKaBa teachings of Drunvalo Melchizedek [1], since Drunvalo no longer teaches the workshops. They certify teachers around the world to teach the Flower of Life information.


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