Robert Anton Wilson

Robert Anton Wilson (born January 18, 1932-January 11, 2007) is a well known novelist, libertarian, anarchist, Discordian, and thinker. He is probably best known for The Illuminatus! Trilogy, which he co-authored with Robert Shea.

Early Life[]

Robert Anton Wilson was born in either Brooklyn or Long Island (he doesn't remember which) on January 18, 1932. He was raised in an Irish-Catholic ghetto, where he attended a Catholic school, where the strict dogma may have inspired him to be the rebel he is today.[1]

At the age of 4, Wilson came down with a case of childhood polio, which was apparently cured by the Sister Kenny method of physical therapy, which was seen by the medical community of that time (1938), as quackery.

Recent Events[]


Robert Anton Wilson passed away at his home in California at 4:50am on January 11, 2007. [2]



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