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The governmental system known as Resonarchy is a relatively new and unknown experimental form of self-government based on the principles of anarchy, chaos theory, and Thelema. There are many aspects to Resonarchist governmental theory, all of which are intertwined, and more attuned to a natural, flowing form of government, rather than the brute force governments that exist today. It was developed by Miriad as a reaction to the failure of all other forms of government.

The Failure of Governments

The First Failure of any government is its hierarchical and ordered structure. From this, only entropy will arise within the structure of the government, whether this entropy comes in the form of internally warring factions (parties) within the government, or the inevitable bloat of bureaucratic offices that do nothing but take up space, wasting resources. The Ordered Government fails because it seeks *control* over people, over their Bodies (by the induction of labor as economic necessity), over their Hearts (through patriotism and pride), over their Minds (through indoctrination and forced education), and over their Will (by conscription into military service and through inprisonment), rather than intelligently guiding people to their intended destinies. Order seeks control over others, rather than the guidance of self-control, and self-regulation found within chaotic systems.

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