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Resonance, as defined in a Miriadic context is the flow of information (memes) or energy (aether) from one point to another without dissonance or distortion.

This principle also describes the harmonic interaction of two dynamically seperate systems. It is almost synonymous with R. Buckminster Fuller's idea of synergy of systems, however the Miriadic principle of Resonance describes something meta-physical while Fuller's ideas describe something more physical.

The metaphysical and social principle of resonance is that society has not achieved this state because of the large amount of dissonance (or entropy) inherent in it's closed system. However, dissonance is completely reversible. Whereas the principle of dissonance arises out of resistance, the principle of resonance arises out of persistence. Thus the popular adage Resistance is Futile calls out for a corollary law, Persistence is Fertile.

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