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General Article RequestsEdit

11:11 13 Moon Calendar 1984 (Book) 23 (number) 93 Current A A Abyss Adept Adonai Aeon Aether Agent (of Miriad) AGLA Akashic Records Alchemy Aleph Alien Alienation Alien Race Alien technology Alphabet of Desire Anarchy Annutara anti-capitalism Apocalypse Aqua Vitae Arachne Aramaic arbeit macht frei Ark of the Covenant Ascended Master Ascension Astral plane Automatism Avatar Babalon Babylon Belial Belialians Belt of Orion "Bob" Bolontiku Book of the Law Book of Lies Book of Shadows Cardioeconomy Channelling Channelled Entity Channelled Material Chaorotica Chaos Chaosphere Choronzon Christ Consciousness Clairvoyance Cloning Coral Castle CrimethInc. crimethink crop circles Cryonics the Crystal Path cyber-shaman Da'ath Dada Dadaism Democracy Discordian Pope DNA dodecahedron dogma DOR --> Dead Orgone Resonance Doublethink Drunvalo Melchizedek Dystopia Ego El An Ra Elemental Elohim Emerald Tablets Enoch Enochian Alphabet Entropy fake terrorism Fall of Atlantis Fascism Fight Club Flow Flower of Life teachingsFnord Fracturing Freedom Free Energy Ghost hunting Golden Apple Corps Gonzo Journalism government Great Pyramid Great Void Greys Herbalism Hermetics I Ching Illuminati Illuminatus Trilogy Immortalist immortality Indigo children Infinite Games Innacunabula JHVH-1 Kabalah Kaos Kaos Magick Karma Lemuria Leonardo Da Vinci Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram Liber AL Liberty Life Extension Lilith Lilitu LSD Luciferian Rebellion Lunar Calendar the Matrix has you Maya Meditation Merkaba Meme Memetic Warfare Meme Wars Men In Black Meta-programming Miriad Miriad Does Not Exist Modern shaman Monoatomic Gold Montauk Mothman Prophecies Necronomicon neo-conservatism Newspeak Nirvana Ongs Hat ontological anarchy Order Otherkin Patriotism Pentagon Pentagram the Philadelphia Experiment Philosopher's Stone Planetary Art Network Play Poetic terrorism Psychic vampirism purification Qlippoth Qlipha Quantum Physics Rael Reality hacking Religion Resistance Resonarchy Ritual Sacred Geometry Sacred Sites Sacred Text Satanism Self-Reference Servitor Seperation of Church and State Shamanism Sigil Sigilium Dei Aemeth Sirius Skull and Bones Society SMI2LE Soul Soulbonding Soulmate Sphinx Spirituality Stele 666 Stupidity Sufiism Summoning Surrealism Tarot Tao Taoism Telektonon Telepathic Jamming Telepathy Tesla Purple Plate Thelema The Skor Tiamat Torah Tower of Babel Toynbee tiles Trigram True Will Tzolkin Un Chien Andalou Usury Utopia VALIS Visualization Welfare vs Warfare Will-power Work X-ists xenoglossary Yaxche Yeti Zen Zero point zero point energy zerowork


arranged alphabetically by first name:

Aliester Crowley Antero Alli Bjork Carlos Castaneda David Icke Douglas Adams Drunvalo Melchizedek Edward Leedskalnin Hadit Hakim Bey Hasan I Sabah H P Lovecraft Hunter S Thompson Israel Regardie Issac Asimov Ivan Stang James Joyce James P Carse Jesus Christ John F Kennedy José Argüelles J.R. "Bob" Dobbs Joshua Norton Kurt Cobain Marianne Williamson Moses Nick Herbert Nikola Tesla Nuit Pacal Votan Peter J Carroll Philip K Dick R Buckminster Fuller Richard Dawkins Robert Anton Wilson Solara Terence MacKenna Thoth Timothy Leary Wilhelm Reich William S Burroughs

Biographies of Fictional PeopleEdit

Dr. Gonzo Ferris F Freemont Raoul Duke Tyler Durden

Category:Crystal PathEdit

All of the articles below should appear within the category of the crystal path. There should also be a template made soon for these articles, to connect all of them.


Soul(Crystal Path), Sun(Crystal Path), Moon(Crystal Path), Fire(Crystal Path), Air(Crystal Path), Water(Crystal Path), Earth(Crystal Path)


Purity of Intent(Crystal Path), Healing(Crystal Path), Will-Power(Crystal Path), Wisdom(Crystal Path), Intuition(Crystal Path), Creativity(Crystal Path), Magick(Crystal Path), Balance(Crystal Path), Flow(Crystal Path), Love(Crystal Path), Confidence(Crystal Path)

Inner CrystalsEdit

Tantra(Crystal Path), Inspiration(Crystal Path), Intimacy(Crystal Path), Manifestation(Crystal Path), Synchronicity(Crystal Path), Thelema(Crystal Path), Consecration(Crystal Path), Innocence(Crystal Path), Learning(Crystal Path)

Ego ConceptsEdit

Ego concepts within the crystal path to determine dissonance.

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