The word religion is derived from the Latin religare, which means "to bind, to tie up." It can best be described as a culture of people united under a certain set of beliefs or ideas (memes). A religion can spread, memetically, through conversion of non-believers into believers, through any number of memetic channels. Through this method, the religion uses people to simply create more of itself, like a virus.

Kinds of Religions[]


Monotheistic religions believe that there is only one God, and that this God is seperate entirely from the universe.


Polytheistic religions believe in many different Gods and Goddesses, and that these deities are representatives of the many different Elements or forces of Nature.


The Atheist does not believe in a Creator. Somehow, however, they also continue to exist.

Joke Religions[]

The only religion worth joining may seem, then, to be the religion that makes no sense, and is self-aware of the limitations of religion. They understand that is there was some sort of Creator, that they must have had some sick sense of humor.

Critical Points[]

Alienation from the Divine[]

On the whole, the main criticism that Miriad has of 'organized' religion is how it alienates the individual from their own Divine birthright. God is placed in a location seperate than the self, and we lose our inner connection to our resources of creativity, magick, the ability to love all people, and our understanding that others are all connected to us.

Closed System[]

Religion is a closed system, and thus it is prey to the forces of entropy. This can be evident by observing the number of splinter groups within any given "organized religion". Such entropy is accelerated by the fact that most religions induce a dissonant state in the followers of the culture wherein a person is seperated from their own Divine essence and personal spiritual expression. The follower of the given religion is unable to choose (or, to express their Will) from the myriad of quantum possibilities because his mind is locked, and focused on the beliefs and mythos which form the inescapable 'borders' of his own religion.

Such closed systems are breeding grounds for the entropy which feed the Qliphoth.

Compare with Term "Spirituality"[]

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