The Loompanics "Yellow Cover" combined 4th & 5th Edition Principia Discordia, (1979)

The sacred text known as the Principia Discordia (or How I Found Goddess, and What I Did to Her When I Found Her) is the bible of Discordianism, or the Erisian Movement, and the worship of Eris, the goddess of Chaos.

There is a lot of information in the Principia Discordia, most of which is completely useless unless you are in fact a Discordian.

References in the Principia Discordia[]

The Principia Discordia itself makes reference to other books. Some of these appear as text in the book, but full versions of them have not yet been uncovered.

  • From the Honest Book of Truth (HBT):
    • The Book of Explanations
    • The Book of Predications
    • The Book of Uterus
    • The Gospel According to Fred


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