A street sign referring to Ong's Hat Road in New Jersey

Ong's Hat, New Jersey is a (relatively) abandoned town in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, where a travel cult is said to have created an interdimensional portal. The town istelf existed mainly as a fork in the road in the 1800s, where a man named Ong, is said to have thrown his hat up in the air, and it stayed in a tree. Today, the town itself no longer exists, but a road called Ong's Hat Road (apparently State Road 642, between Buddtown and Four Mile Circle) does exist in the Pine Barrens. The location of the town does appear on the official state map given out at the state's welcome centers.

The Pine Barrens were settled early by people who made iron, but the settlers of the Ong's Hat area made charcoal, which was used in the process of heating up the forges[1].

The people of Ong's Hat and the Pine Barrens may have also inspired writers like H.P. Lovecraft.

The Pine Barrens are also known for the mysterious Jersey Devil.


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