The Necronomicon, also called the Book of the Dead, was written in Damascus in 730 by Abdul Alhazred (sometimes called "The Mad Arab"). In it, are the means and methods of invoking various Elder Gods, and the history of their worship.

The History of the NecronomiconEdit

The Necronomicon, also called Al Azif (the book of buzzings of insects, which supposedly are also the conversations of demons), was supposedly written by the "poet" Abdul Alhazred around the year 730. He may have gained a lot of knowledge of the book through automatic means.

The latest translation seems to be adapted from coded papers found in the archives of Dr. John Dee (best known for laying the foundations of Enochian Magick).

H.P. LovecraftEdit

Some have speculated that H.P. Lovecraft is the originator of the Necronomicon, and while this may be in part true, it could also be said that H.P. Lovecraft may be influenced by a real Necronomicon. Detractors may wish that Lovecraft was the originator, because to think that such blind mad gods of entropy exist may drive them mad, but actually the basis for such "gods" comes from the Kabbalistic idea of Qliphoth.

The Elder GodsEdit

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