The SAGE radar at the Montauk base

The Montauk Project (also called Project Phoenix) was(?) a top secret black project funded by the government, apparently by a trainload of Nazi gold, initially created to work on methods of mind control, but eventually leading to experiments in dimensional and time travel, as well as psychic phenomenon, which somehow connected to the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943, and which was reportedly based on the Camp Hero base near Montauk Point in the small town of Montauk, NY the end of Long Island. The project is said to involve many important scientists who were supposedly long since dead by the time of the project (thus the name of the project?), like Nikola Tesla.

The project is supposedly over, and the base at Montauk may or may not be flooded with water, but rumors exist that the project continues in another dimension.

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  • Mind Control
  • Time Travel
  • Psychic Abilities
  • Orgone Energy
  • Dimensional Travel
  • Thelema / Babalon
  • Alien Intervention on Earth
  • The MerKaBa

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Since there is no real record of people's involvement in the Montauk Project, these names are pure speculation, until the project is confirmed (which is likely never to happen). The people who have reported it claim to have been involved in it in some manner. Or they are people whose developments help to foster in this experiment, along with whatever they did.

  • Nikola Tesla
  • Wilhelm Reich
  • Jack Parsons

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