A modern shaman as defined by Antero Alli and Christopher S Hyatt is a shaman in the 21st Century who is an individual of power interacting with "spirits" for the purpose of gathering Knowledge, Vision, and Technology (along with Advance Fun). Also known as a cyber-shaman, from the greek word cyber, which means "pilot".

Duties of the Modern Shaman[]

  • Knows how to administer shocks of surprise to minimize the symptoms of terminal boredom. ("Altering the Expected")
  • Responds to the continuing flux of interplay between their DNA, Central Nervous System, Environment, and Technology.
  • as thoughts are drugs, words being trance inducing drugs, the cyber-shaman engages and disengages word trance as a way to invoke the spirits necessary for thier Work.
  • to respond to the internal potency of Creation.
  • to learn to generate degrees of Consciousness at will, which enables one to learn, combine, recombine, and access multiple levels of information.

See Also[]

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  • A Modern Shaman's Guide to A Preganant Universe - Antero Alli and Christopher S. Hyatt (ISBN 0941404900)

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