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Miriadic Language is a new language that developed in 2006 by Molar Mountre and others to discover if it is possible to create a new language that could be infinite, and describe anything, and create new memes or meanings.

Currently, it consists of 30 or so main letters or symbols that represent syllables of the language which comprise the backbone structure of the language. There are other symbols and letters that help to further refine the language. It is integrated with the elemental ideas of the Crystal Path, and the principles of a Resonarchist society.

The language itself is quite difficult to speak, so that those saying something must be conscious of what they are saying. Any words created can be integrated into the vocabulary of any already existing language. It can be used to describe new concepts.

Main Letters

There are three sets of letters within the Main letters of the Miriadic Language. Each has its own distinct name, symbol, and meaning.

Prime Letters

There are 9 "Prime Letters", also called Elemental Letters. Each one represents a different elemental concept, has its own symbol which relates to this concept, and has its own individual meaning.

  • Ath means flowing Spirit
  • Ra means solar or the One
  • Iad (or Yod) means flame
  • El means wisdom
  • An means heart
  • Atl means stone or foundation
  • Ma means shadow
  • On means space
  • Ek means travel

The symbols of these letters are called prime letters because the other 21 symbols are made up of combinations of these. The language is, in essence, connected to the Crystal Path through these letters and elemental ideas. They are also related in some way to the 9 different Sects or pathways of Miriad.

Outer Letters

There are 12 "Outer Letters", each of which corresponds to an Outer Crystal on the Crystal Path.

  • Rach means pure
  • Se means forwards
  • Yo means burning
  • Che means truth or truthfulness
  • Is means to see
  • Ta means creation
  • Wyr means magickal
  • Kao means kaos or fractality
  • Be means evolution
  • Kia means laughter
  • Om means resonance
  • Ka means spirit, double

Writing Numbers

The digits 0-9 are written by adding the minor letter f to the beginning of a Prime Letter. Basically, you just draw a line (underscore _ ) under the Prime Letter in order to turn it into a number.

0. f'Kthu

  1. f'Ath
  2. f'Ra
  3. f'Iad
  4. f'El
  5. f'An
  6. f'Atl
  7. f'Ma
  8. f'On
  9. f'Ek

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