Liber Kaos is a book by Peter J. Carroll about Kaos Magick, which details an advanced magickal training course.

There are actually two parts to Liber Kaos. The first is called "Liber Kaos" while the second part is titled "The Psychonomicon." The book also has some appendices, of additional material. The book, in the first part, describes something it calls Quantum Metaphysics, as well as describing Chaos Magic Theory. This is really the understanding that quantum mechanics and fractal chaos are important when combined, and that the "attractor" in chaos theory is the same principle which causes quanta to arrange the way they do (though, the book doesn't say this). The book adds a dimension of mathematics and science to the practice of magick.

The book also describes the cycling of the aeons (as the idea "Aeonics") and how things will undoubtedly return to Kaos. (see also The Five Stages of Chaos) Magick cannot be supressed indefinitely, and for life to flow, so must the ages flow, and Carroll postulates in his book a "psychohistoric mechanism of the Aeons", where beliefs in different times may move through different stages, and that a "Pandemon" aeon will soon appear, based on Chaoist beliefs.

Also explained, to some degree, are the eight magicks (which is in a sense related to the eight major sects of Miriad). These eight magicks are described as different colors of magick. Octarine, or Pure magick, is the drive towards magick, but in essence it is the understanding of the other 7 magicks. Black magick, which is the principle of death magick, is close to what may be termed Entropy magick.

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