Kurt Donald Cobain (Feb. 20, 1967 - c. April 5, 1994) was the singer and guitarist for the grunge band Nirvana. He was born in Aberdeen, Washington. Some people still consider him a spokesman for Generation X.


Some people believe that Kurt Cobain did not take his own life, and was murdered. There is a vast conspiracy in the world to usurp all world-changing ideas, and most people incorrectly assume that it was his wife, Courtney Love, who was involved in the plot to kill him, but it is the position of Miriad that this is not so. To be more specific Miriad likes to call the events of his death and outright assassination, since a lot of clues left behind by Cobain and others point to the Vatican.

  • The first alleged "suicide attempt" took place in Rome.
  • The Vatican is well known for their mob ties, and their connection to the heroin trade.
    • The first person to ask us "please don't attack Afghanistan" after 9/11 was the Pope, who personally travelled there before we went to war. Afghanistan's major export is the poppy plant.
  • Consider the content of the video for Heart Shaped Box.
  • The Stone Temple Pilots album Tiny Music... Songs From the Vatican Gift Shop
  • If Cobain realized that someone was trying to kill him in Rome, this may be why he tried to run away from a rehab center in California, and bought a gun in Washington state. Like those who saw him in his last days claimed: For protection.
  • Look at the evidence that Courtney has of people trying to trying to screw her over financially.

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