A fnord is both a nonsense word made up by Kerry Thornley, and also a word that has come to mean the duplicity or doublespeak of the vast Conspiracy, popularized by the book The Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea. In the sense of that book, the word fnord is the hypocrisy perpetuated by the Order, in order to perpetuate itself mindlessly and ceaselessly. No one can see this blatant hypocrisy, unless they are well trained in "seeing the fnords".

Fnords themselves, if not spotted, can produce fear and anxiety in those who come across them. They are seemingly invisible, yet set those who come across them on edge. Those who can see them may still be affected by them, but to a lesser extent. Most fnords can be found in the news and other reporting media. There are no fnords in advertising, however, in order to promote consumerism.

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