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The Element of Fire is one of the four Classic Elements and represents the Will, which is the dynamic, driving force behind the psyche of a person. It is the most energetic of the classic Elements, and in physical matter, is represented by the state of matter known as plasma, which is ionized matter. The symbol most commonly used for Fire is a triangle.

The Psyche

As an element of the psyche of a person, Fire represents the Will. Therefore, Fire is an important Element in magick due to its dynamism, it's ability to transform and to purify. Also, the Will is very important in magickal workings, as the force within us that is closest to the Spirit.

In Magick

In Nature

In Nature, the element of

Miriadic Elemental System


Spirit | Light | Shadow


Fire | Air | Water | Earth

The Two Forces:

Time | Gravity

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