Fascism is a nearly totalitarian form of government. The major points of fascism are these:

  • Centralization of Authority under a Dictator
  • Stringent socioeconomic controls
  • Suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship
  • A policy of belligerent nationalism and racism

A Brief History of Fascism[]

Fascism in Modern Times[]


There are many arguments to the case that America is becoming fascistic. In order for these arguments to be true, the criteria for fascism must be met. Some would say that this was on the rise in America since 2001, when George W. Bush became president of the United States.

  • The Administration seeks to Centralize all of the Intelligence Agencies.
  • The Administration has links and ties to the oil industries. Incidentally, he price of oil is on the increase, which affects all aspects of the American economy.
  • Currently, high ranking officials are under investigation about the leaking of the identity of a woman who is the wife of a man who made remarks against the War in Iraq. This could be considered as censorship through terror and leaking information.
  • The policy of belligerence towards other nations is well documented, which can be seen in the Administration's attitudes towards countries like France, North Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, and others.
  • This belligerence extends towards the attitude towards enviornmental and nuclear proliferation treaties. Furthermore, the Durban Racism meeting in 2001, which took place almost directly days before the events of 9/11 can be seen as an act which was meant to provoke the Arab nations.

These simple expressions of fascism's major points should be a calling for America to wake up. Currently, George W. Bush's "approval rating" is at an all time low, which may mean that people's consciousness will eventually reject fascism, when they recognize it for what it is.

Symbols of Fascism[]

Suggested Reading[]

  • The Mass Psychology of Fascism Wilhelm Reich (1933)

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