Entropy is essentially the breakdown of some chaotic system within a closed system. Energy cannot enter or escape, and thus the flow of energy or information stops within the closed system. Entropy can be used to describe a number of situations, though it is usually used wrong by those who do not understand the nature of chaos, chaotic, or fractal systems, and their open systems of flow of energy. For the most part, entropy occurs when any ordered or closed system is imposed on any system that exists naturally, fractally, and openly. An example of entropy would be one in which a government forms inside a continent, pushing out and exterminating all of the indigenous (who are living in a fractal, disorganized manner) people. The entropy would be further found in the bureaucracy of that nation. Entropy is present in any bureaucratic system, and is the fourth stage of chaos explained in the Illuminatus Trilogy... whereupon an ordered system is buried under its own paperwork.

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