Enochian Tarot is a set of 86 tarot cards designed by Gerald and Betty Schueler in 1988. The Major Arcana (called "Greater Arcana", "Trumps", "Atouts", or "Triumphs") of the Enochian Tarot are designed around the 30 Aethyrs of Enochian Magick. The Minor Arcana of the Enochian Tarot consists of 56 cards that represent the four Enochian Watchtowers. The Minor Arcana of the deck is divided into four suits: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.

Major ArcanaEdit

The Major Arcana of the Enochian Tarot each hold a very specific value, as each one of them represents one of the different worlds, or Aethyrs, of the Enochian system. Each one of these cards also has a three letter "name", which is essentially the name of the Aethyr it represents.

  1. The Babe
  2. Babylon
  3. The Magus
  4. Cosmos and Chaos
  5. The Arrow of Truth
  6. The Urn
  7. Love
  8. The Holy Guardian Angel
  9. The Daughter of Babylon
  10. The Abyss
  11. The Holy City
  12. Glory
  13. Garden of Nemo
  14. City of the Pyramids
  15. The Cosmic Dance
  16. The Higher Self
  17. The Balance
  18. The Vault
  19. The Priestess of the Silver Star
  20. The Wheel
  21. The Reincarnating Ego
  22. The Void
  23. Labor
  24. Travel
  25. Intuition
  26. Reason
  27. Solitude
  28. Doubt
  29. The Heavens
  30. The Four Regions

Minor ArcanaEdit

Each one of the Minor Arcana has four "suits", which are the four Elements. Each one has 14 different cards within that suit making 56 cards (4 x 14 = 56). Just add "of Air" or "of Water" to the end of these names and there you have the names of the 14 cards in that suit. The cards of the minor arcana are comprised of the hierarchy of deities found in the four Watchtowers. These range from Kings through Archangels to even demons, at the far end of the spectrum.

  • Kings
  • First Seniors
  • Second Seniors
  • Third Seniors
  • Fourth Seniors
  • Fifth Seniors
  • Sixth Seniors
  • Higher Sephirothic Cross Angel
  • Lower Sephirothic Cross Angels
  • Kerubic Angels
  • Archangels
  • Ruling Angels
  • Lesser Angels
  • Demons
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