The Ego, in Miriadic terms does not mean the same thing as the Self. The Ego is basically a systemic virus, spread through dissonant behaviour. It is self-aware, a kind of mental parasite, which channels the energy way from the Self, towards other Qliphothic entities that can use the 'negative energy.' The Ego is not a personality trait or a seperate part of the Self, but rather, a virus that creates an absence of something that should be there, a Elemental Deficiency.

In strictly magickal terms, the Ego can be likened to Choronzon. I

Elemental Deficiencies caused by Ego[]

In terms of the Crystal Path, the elemental deficiencies caused by Ego can be quantified by the very opposite or lack of the element they are lacking in.

Quotes about the Ego[]

The Ego always emphasizes what someone has done wrong. The Holy Spirit always emphasizes what they've done right. -Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love

  • "I take you where you want to go / I give you all you need to know / I drag you down I use you up / Mr. self destruct" nine inch nails, Mr. Self Destruct

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