The sigil for Alloces

Alloces is one of the Spirits mentioned in the Lemegeton, also known as the Lesser Keys of Solomon. The sigil of Alloces is often seen as a black magickal seal, and is to be used sparingly.


A depiction of Alloces

The Fifty-second Spirit is Alloces, or Alocas. He is a Duke, Great, Mighty, and Strong, appearing in the Form of a Soldier riding upon a Great Horse. His Face is like that of a Lion, very Red, and having Flaming Eyes. His Speech is hoarse and very big. His Office is to teach the Art of Astronomy, and all the Liberal Sciences. He bringeth unto thee Good Familiars; also he ruleth over 36 Legions of Spirits.[1]


Alloces is a warrior who may be sent to revenge yourself from secret enemies. [2]

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