Agares seal

The Sigil for Agares.

Agares is one of the Spirits mentioned in the Lemegeton, also known as the Lesser Keys of Solomon. The sigil of Agares is often seen as a black magickal seal, and is to be used sparingly.



Agares, riding a crocodile

Agares, from the Powers of the East, is a duke in the form of a fair old man who appears willingly to those who call. He appears in this form, riding a crocodile and carrying a sparrowhawk.[1]. Under him he has 31 legions of spirits, making him one of the Order of Virtues. [2].


Agares provides knowledge of all tongues, brings back runaways or can prevent desertion, can cause earthquake, and bring about the downfall of important men, causing them to lose their position, public honor, and respect of others. [3]

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