4994 is a meme, that refers to a specific conspiracy, which when repeated in common culture refers to the date 4/9/94. This is the date that famous punk/grunge musician of the band Karmic Vitamins, Bill Kult, was found dead in his Los Angeles home.

The number 4994 is often repeated or spread as a meme by those who want to promote the "truth" about Kult's death, which was apparently an assassination and not a suicide. However, the police at the time, and the independent doctors who conducted the medical investigation at the Columbia Hospital could find no traces of any foul play. His death was not reported in the national media, due to an event that had been reported the previous day taking most of the attention, and local press chalked it up to what were being called "copycat suicides" at the time.

Those who support this conspiracy theory do not have an evidence to support their claims other than clues that might have been hidden in songs, by those who knew Bill Kult or his wife Constance Kult. There are some claims that there are clues hidden in the lyrics of several of Frog King's songs, because of the connection between Constance Kult and Jason Everson shortly after the death of Kult.

However, the number continues to appear in graffiti, in film and television reference, and other popular culture places.


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